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        Bay Area Gold Group Co., Ltd. has been listed on the main board of the HongKong Exchange since October 12th, 2004 whose stock code is 1194. The company is principally engaged in gold mining, gold processing and gold products selling in China and HongKong, as well as business of financial services in China and HongKong which include asset management, securities brokerage, financing and consulting services. We have five mines now, whose names are Yunnan Mojiang Gold Mine, Yunnan Hengyi Gold Mine, Henan Luanling Gold Mine, Henan Jinxing Gold Mine, Inner Mongolia Yongfeng Gold Mine respectively, with a total gold resource of about 7.1 million ounces. Bay Area Gold has mining rights for 9 mines and exploration rights for 14 mines, which provide a strong resource guarantee for the sustained and healthy development of Bay Area Gold Capital Group Co., Ltd.

         After completing the acquisition of Hongkong Bay Asset Management Limited and Hongkong Bay Securities Limited in 2016 and the acquisition of Shenzhen Bay Area Gold, the Group has diversified its operations. Bay Area Gold expanded the financial services business in Hong Kong and China which included asset management and securities brokerage and consulting. The Group has successfully operated a number of major projects and established many investment funds which focus on high return on investment.


Hongkong Bay Asset Management Limited

Hongkong Bay Securities Limited
the Securities and Futures Commission(SFC) No. 1

Shenzhen Munsun Asset management Co., Ltd.

Hetai Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Baosheng Mining industral Co.,Ltd

Shenzhen Renbao Tencent Munsun Energy Investment Fund
Shenzhen Munsun Equity Investment Fund
High-end Equipment Fund
Mining Fund
Clean Energy Fund
Financial Investment Fund
Agricultural Consumption Fund
New Technology Fund
VR Fund

Securities trading agency 
financial consulting
A full license securities company which is located in Chinese Free Trade Zone under CEPA

Approved by the Chinese Insurance Association on July 29th, 2016, the joint venture party whose funders includes Tencent, CITIC Guoan, Easyhome etc. has registered a capital of RMB 1.5 billion.

the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) No. 4 and No. 9

Filed in China Private Equity Fund Management Association Asset Management Association of China (AMAC)

The largest listed non-state-owned gold company in China based on resources (7.2 million ounces)

The five major gold mines are located in Henan Province (2), Yunnan Province (2) and Inner Mongolia (1), whose annual gold production is of 5-10 tons.

We adhere to the value orientation of Still water runs deep. Be extraordinary.
We adhere to the professional spirit of Be faithful and trustworthy, as well as ambitious and aspirant.



Based on the understanding of industrial policy and the advantages of integration of upstream and downstream resources, Bay Area Gold has undergone a strategic transformation. A single secondary market securities investment model was transited to a deep investment model as a means of mergers and acquisitions, PE and corporate financing to support for enterprise development, maximizing the long-time value of capital markets. The form of product has gradually changed from a securities investment fund in the secondary market into an industrial investment fund, an M&A investment fund and a PE investment fund supplemented with a secondary market securities investment fund. The main investment areas cover clean energy, mining, agriculture, medical industry, insurance, finance, film and television entertainment and so on;

Bay Area Gold Spent US$140 million to become the fourth largest cornerstone investor of Peoples Insurance Group of China (1339.HK) who listed in the Hong Kong Stock Market;

Bay Area Gold acquired a brokers office with a long history by capital injection and changed the name into Bay Area Gold Securities Co., Ltd;
Bay Area Gold has invested HK$500 million and increased its holding in the secondary market to become the second largest shareholder of Tianlun Gas Group (1600.HK), and has successfully introduced IFC, an international financial company affiliated to the World Bank, to hold 10% stake in Tianlun Gas to enhance the shareholder base for Tianlun of gas;
Bay Area Gold, Tencent and PICC, jointly invested RMB 10 billion to become the largest investor of Sinopec Sales Co., Ltd. in the capital increment project of the first state-owned enterprise mixed reform.

Bay Area Gold, CITIC Group and SBCVC invested HK$ 100 million respectively to strategically become shareholders of Digital Domain (547.HK), which is a leader of in the area of film special effect and VR worldwide.
Up to October 2016, Bay Area Gold has managed 16 fund products in Greater China and became one of the largest private equity asset management companies in China;

Bay Area Gold has acquired Chinese largest non-state-owned gold mining company, China Precious Metals (code 1194.HK), and injected all of assets of Bay Area Gold and financial licenses into it. Bay Area Gold successfully became an international capital group listed on the main board of Hong Kong which was held by the public;

The founding team formed and managed the fund in Hong Kong, creating a group company across the Bermuda Islands, Hong Kong and mainland of China;

In September 2018, the rights issue was completed with an amount of HK$1,086 million. As of December 2018, Bay Area Gold managed China's multi-funds and became one of the largest private equity asset management companies in China; Bay Area Gold has regulatory authorities in several markets. With a variety of licenses issued, Maisheng Shenzhen holds the Private Fund Manager Certificate issued by the China Securities Investment Fund Association. Hongkong Bay Asset holds the No. 9 license (providing asset management) and No. 4 license issued by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission. Securities Investment provides advice), Hongkong Bay Securities holds the No. 1 license (securities transaction) issued by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission.

In October 2019, Munsun Capital Group officially changed its name to Bay Area Gold Group;