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Luanchuan Jinxing Mining

       Luanchuan Jinxing Mining Co., Ltd. is located in Baitu Township, west of Luanchuan County. Its predecessor, Kangshan Gold Mine of Luanchuan County, was founded in 1978. It was completed and put into operation in 1982, with a capacity of 200 tons. On the day of 1991, the ore dressing capacity increased to 400 tons/day, and the current beneficiation capacity increased to 900 tons/day. Kangshan Gold Mine was one of the earliest gold enterprises in Luoyang City.

        In 2010, China Precious Metal Resources Holdings Co., Ltd. (now renamed as Bay Area Gold Capital Group Co., Ltd., stock code: HK01194) acquired a wholly-owned acquisition of Kangshan Gold Mine and will be adjacent to the original Luanchuan Jinling Mining Co., Ltd. Together with the acquisition, the integration of Luanchuan Jinxing Mining Co., Ltd. was established.

        Jinxing Mining has 2 mining rights and mining rights of 38.62 square kilometers. It is divided into five mining areas, namely: Xingshuyu Mining Area, Star Printing Area, Moshigou Mining Area and Xiaonangou- Houmusi Mining Area, Sanming Lead-Zinc Mining Area. . At present, it has a gold resource of 7.5 tons and an average grade of 4.6g/ton.


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