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Luanchuan Luanling Mining

       Luanling Gold Mine is located in Xiong'er Mountain Area of western Henan Province. The mining area is located in Zhifang Village, Tantou Town, Luanchuan County. It is 18 kilometers away from National 4A Grade Chongdugou Natural Scenic Area and 8 kilometers away from Jiulongshan Thermal Spa. It is close to Luojing Expressway and has convenient transportation. .

        The company was established on March 11, 2010 and belongs to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao and a domestic joint venture limited liability company. It is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bay Area Gold Capital Group Co., Ltd.

        The company has one mining right, the mining area is 8.98 square kilometers, one exploration right, and the prospecting area is 8.88 square kilometers. At present, the company is increasing investment in geological exploration and deep drilling. At present, there are several new veins in the construction drilling. It is expected that the gold resources will increase to 14.5 tons after the completion of the deepening of the production, with an average grade of 4.09g/ton, which is the future of the company. Long-term development provides resource security.


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