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Chifeng Yongfeng Mining

       Brief Introduction of Chifeng Yongfeng Mining Co., Ltd.

        Chifeng Yongfeng Mining Co., Ltd. is located 40 kilometers northwest of Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia, and its administrative division is under the jurisdiction of Wangfu Town in Songshan District. There are gold mining activities in the late Qing Dynasty, and there is a history of mineral development in the past 100 years.

        In August 2008, China Precious Metal Resources Holdings Co., Ltd. completed a wholly-owned acquisition of Yongfeng Mining. In 2009, China Precious Metal Resources Holdings Co., Ltd. was listed in Hong Kong, later renamed as Bay Area Gold Capital Group Co., Ltd., and Yongfeng Mining is now a group company. A wholly-owned subsidiary.

        Since 2010, the company has successively integrated the surrounding mining rights according to the requirements of the Chifeng government. There are two mining rights in the Lianhuashan and Honghuagou mining areas, with a total area of 1.96 square kilometers. After years of increasing investment in geological exploration and carrying out geological work such as geological exploration and drilling, the company currently holds 4 tons of gold resources, laying a solid resource foundation for the sustainable and healthy development of the company.


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