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The 2019 Year-end Conference of Munsun was held

Time2019-01-11     Original

    The time zips by and years alternate. The busy year has passed by rapidly. With passion and challenge, the new year is coming.

    At 5 p.m. on January 11th, 2019, the employees of Munsun Capital Group gathered in Shenzhen for a two-day annual business summary and 2019 business meeting. On the occasion of the coming of the Spring Festival, staff got together to witness the success and suffering of Munsun Capital Group in the past year.

    At the meeting, the leaders of the board of directors of the Group delivered a New Year congratulatory message and expressed the best wishes to staff, reviewing the past and looking forward to the future. Leaders hope that in 2019, with the joint efforts of all staff in Munsun, the company will successfully achieve the business objectives in 2019.

    The company provided a relaxed and pleasant environment for staff and a stage for teamwork, which created a harmonious and harmonious collective atmosphere. The delicious dinner, the wonderful singing and the exciting lottery draw games showed us the atmosphere of corporate culture of Munsun Capital Group. Applause and laughter continued throughout the annual meeting and the activities of the annual meeting completed successfully in an atmosphere of passion and joy.

    In the past year, we have smiled, struggled and harvested. Faced with 2019, we are full of longing and passion. Let us use our confidence and courage to make a bolder future.